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Karl's sweetheart. Layered. Future homesteader. Human. Painfully compassionate. Highly-sensitive. Truth seeker. Memory hoarder. Kitten cuddler. Dog mom. Extreme loyalist. Tattoo collector.

I am Morgan.


Morgan has entered the chat.

I'm probably drinking coffee dreaming about my next elopement or wedding. If I had to describe myself it would be avid thrifter, neon cowgirl & your hilarious wedding/elopement photographer a.k.a. your new bestie! 

When I chose to be a wedding photographer, I chose to fill a gap that I needed during my wedding. I needed help on many levels & guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process. It's with this notion that I have built my entire business on; helping couples figure it out so the day of can be effortless & focused on the fun stuff! You deserve an expert who will make you feel at ease up until your wedding day & that's me. I do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 

If you want timeless photos that evoke emotion that will last for a lifetime, *whoop whoop* look no further, I got you babe! Hiring me means being able to relax a little, knowing that everything is being taken care of from the timeline to all the tips & tricks I provide along the way. I'll be your  favorite professional third wheel, I promise!




Subject-led photography is something that I feel strongly about. I believe each person requires something different. If you are looking for a photograph that captures your soul or elicits deep emotion, then I am your girl. But what does it take to get that?

This requires a foundation of mutual trust. 


Do we sound like soulmates yet? Are we searching for the same things? I want you to have an extraordinary experience. One that is detail oriented and filled with compassion + expert advice. I also provide resources from the jump to ensure you are organized from start to finish.

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