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Empowering aspiring or established photographers through personalized mentorships, my mission is to cultivate a vibrant community where creativity thrives. I am committed to providing comprehensive photography education, fostering individual growth, and nurturing a supportive mentorship environment that guides enthusiasts towards mastering the art of an authentic non-salesy approach with a sassy flare. 

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When I started my business, I had never touched a complex camera before let alone organize an entire wedding. I knew how to run businesses and assert myself when needed from my past jobs, but I didn't know how to market myself or scale my business efficiently. 

Through many trials and tribulations, Against the Grain Education was born. There is not a one way fits all in this industry and it can be really difficult to know what path to take or where to improve your business when you're so close to it. 

I have put in countless hours researching on how to improve workflows and sales funnels to enhance your not so small business. Your systems should be working with you, not against you.  


If you're looking for an immersive, hands on approach with proven strategies on how to scale your business, it's here. 



I had to struggle to make anything in my business the first year. It felt like failure after failure to get forward. It made it rewarding when I "felt" successful, but it wasn't consistent. Through the techniques I used through website enhancements and learning to use my CRM system (I use HoneyBook) it propelled my not so small business by 143% the following year. This was life changing.


I was making barely $1,500 per month to earning up to $14k per month. I did not start this business to make anything more than my monthly bills. I was hoping to scrape by. I didn't dream this would change my life. 

I am dedicated to helping others look at their website with fresh eyes and properly using their CRM system to work for them and not against them. 



"I cant say enough good things about Morgan. I have done other mentorships/coaching in the past and none of them have even come close to Morgan. She not only takes the time to really understand your business, but also you. She helped me streamline my business as well as helping me break out of my shell and help me find the confidence I needed to fully strive. You will never find someone that truly cares about helping you succeed as much as Morgan does. She is a true game changer and I couldn't recommend her enough.

Michelle @michellehallphoto



It's time to elevate
your brand.



Scaling your business is not an easy feat. It takes many different avenues to do this successfully. Your CRM system should be your best foot forward. Using the customized brochures, email templates and showcasing your work will drastically improve your booking ratio. This will also ensure less ghosting. If you are finding bottle neck in your business, I help identify it and provide solutions. 




+HoneyBook audit to identify blind-spots, pain-points, missed opportunities, and what's working

+How to use HoneyBook automation and smart files

+Customized templates to your industry

+How to use templates to scale your business

+Provide (15) customizable email templates

+Follow up check-in email

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